Kuda was the first baby we found in city Hospital, Harare. She was left alone after her mother died with HIV/Aids and was seriously ill. We were unaware Kuda had cerebral palsy when we found her. She was very small - weighing less than 2 kg at the age of six months. Kuda had limited movement but our hearts went out to her and she became the first Jabulani baby.

Kuda has had all sorts of tests done on her by many specialists and at present, she has little or no sight but can shout and she screams a lot! She can hear but has limited movement in her limbs and cannot sit alone. Kuda has made great strides under the superb care of the staff at Jabulani but on a scale of 1 to 5 with 5 being the most severe type of CP, Kuda is a 5.

But she is a happy, smiling little girl that laughs readily and can recognize different voices. Kuda loves music and she bangs her legs and shakes her arms whenever she hears a nice beat. Kuda is a blessing and we all love her. She is also the poster girl for Jabulani, as she was there at the start and will forever be the focus of what we are trying to achieve there.

Please pray that God would perform a miracle and touch Kuda's eyes and body as we would love to see her developing quicker - but we know that God is in control.

Can you help?

Kuda is almost 6 years old and is able to move a little, we need to give her full time care with someone to manipulate her limbs and exercise her throughout the day, she needs a full time carer, would you be able to help us employ someone qualified. If you would like to help us please contact us and put "Kuda" in the subject box.

Thank you for reading this - we are looking forward in hearing from you.

Zimbabwe Orphan Care update (Jan. 25, 2016):
Due to a recent review of our global online presence on social media, and following updated legal direction from local government authorities regarding images of children online, we have taken the decision to remove all pictures of the children in Jabulani. We know you will understand the reasoning behind this move and appreciate your support and continued prayer for our work.

God bless,

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