Over recent years there has been a distressing trend in Zimbabwe of babies being "dumped" after they are born. This can be for a number of reasons but often key factors are an inability to care for the baby, or an unwanted pregnancy due to rape. To help address this trend, ZOC purchased a house with two acres in the Marlborough district of Harare in 2008.

Although the house was in need of much repair, we were able to renovate, extend and complete the main home in May 2009  with the donations received. The main house can facilitate 8 abandoned babies and phase 2 of the project has seen the construction of two more homes on the site.

We have worked closely with local social services and council officers to ensure everything is done legally in the building and running of Jabulani. We have been commended on the way Jabulani was built and is being run now. It is unlike any other children’s home in Zimbabwe or even Africa due to the care, love and attention every individual child gets each and every day.

It is our intention that this house can offer hope, a home and a future to all these children for life.

Meet The Children Of Jabulani

At present there are 14 children in Jabulani, Kuda, Grace, Hope, Blessing, Daniel, Joseph, Faith, Joshua, Esther, Ruth, Caleb, Sarah, Hannah and  Abigail, without  the Jabulani home all of these children would be dead now.  Kuda and Joshua both have severe Cerebral Palsy and need round the clock care.

The Staff Of Jabulani Children’s Home

As well as providing the care for the children we have been able to employ 9 local workers on the site. All of the care workers are being trained to UK/US standards and are currently being assessed to NVQ levels in child care and hygiene.

The Jabulani managers are Mel and Shelter ( whom we have known since they were 12 years old ) they are fantastic servants who love and cherish the children like their own sisters and brothers.

The other staff are:  Bibianna,  Elizabeth, Debra,  Violet, Kuda. The maintenance staff are Terry and Joshua.

The cost of running Jabulani – How To Help

The Jabulani home needs to be sustained and maintained and we are always keen to hear from donors and fundraisers, Please contact us if you would like more detail.

Can you help with the running costs of Jabulani Home? Could your church, business, friends or family help offset our costs as we expand and start helping more children?

The costs of running Jabulani are:

Staff costs: Care Workers, Maintenance, $300 (£200) per person, per month
Food for babies, staff:  $200 (£140) per week
Nappies, baby clothes, medicines etc:  $100 (£55) per week
This is a total of $3900 (£2600) per month.

If you would like to assit with the financial support of this work, please visit our online payment site at: www.justgiving.com/zimbabweorphancare/donate.

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