Dear Friends,

We pray you are well and enjoying JESUS! We have had a good month and everyone is well at Jabulani, apart from a few coughs and flu we thank God for the general health of everyone. We have returned to school after the Easter holidays and the children are back in full swing again. Winter is upon us and we have multiple layers on our cold bodies, it's around 6c (46f) in the morning and rising to 24c (75) in the afternoons.

Kuda and Joshua are doing very well and are in good health, they are both eating well, we have had some food donated for their special diets and they are enjoying this while laughing and crying in equal measures as they sit and lie in the winter sunshine with hats, scarves etc, thank you for your prayers for these special children.

Grace, Blessing and Hope continue to get on well at school, Hope has received a merit badge last week and is very proud of herself, Blessing has missed 2 days at school with high temps and sore ears but is getting better again, Grace continues to tell everyone what to do, she is a born leader! Its wonderful to see how well they get on together and play with great abandonment, they all have ballet classes on > Wednesday afternoons, and Grace has hockey practice on Tuesday afternoons, Grace is also in the school choirŠ..lots of running around but a blessing to see them grow and develop.

Daniel and Joseph are also doing well at school, they have started throwing a rugby ball around and have visions of playing for Gateway PS in the future! They are very helpful with the babies and clean the cars and bus each Saturday, they are both good at reading and their teachers say they are very gentlemanly and well behaved and are really good friends. Please pray for Joseph as he battles to get his head around subtraction and addition!

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Hi Friends,

Thank you for your prayers! We want to inform you that Dorothy finished her race in a wonderful time of 11 hours 30 mins 28 secs….she got a medal and finished in the
top 30% of the field!

Thank you for everyone who has donated finances, you are so generous, as of today JustGiving informs us that the total so far is 1850 sterling i.e. US$2826 ….WOW!
Praise God. You can still donate for the next 2 weeks, many, many thanks.

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