Names are really significant, names are who we are, its our identity, and this is why names are such a big deal in the Bible. In the prophecy of Isa 9v6 Isaiah says when He shows up this is who He is going to be in your life, when you hear those names hope already begins to dwell in your heart…

WONDERFUL COUNSELLOR…. it means direction its not like a physiological counsellor its wisdom, its guidance, its saying God will give you direction if you seek Him.

MIGHTY GOD ….this speaks to the strength and protection of God, God has got your back and is bigger than you think…He is mighty.

EVERLASTING FATHER …. This is saying that the founder of everything is your Dad, you are part of a family that has a great heritage, you have great significance

PRINCE OF PEACE …. This isn’t just about personal peace, this is about a ruler who brings unity, He was someone who could bring people together and create security and stability in the culture, He helped people get along with each other.

I pray as you meditate on these names that you will let our Lord Jesus be who He wants to be in your life, may you know Him to be a WONDERFUL COUNSELLOR TO GIVE YOU DIRECTION…ask Jesus to be a MIGHTY GOD TO GIVE YOU STRENGTH…ask Jesus to be an EVERLASTING FATHER TO REMIND YOU OF YOUR SIGNIFICANCE AND HERITAGE …and finally say God use me in your Kingdom to help you bring PEACE AND SECURITY and UNIFY PEOPLE ALL AROUND ME….IN 2017 AND BEYOND.

Greetings from a hot and humid Zimbabwe! Its over 30c (90f) and we are enjoying a little rain at this wonderful time of the year, what a year it has been, highs and lows, triumphs and trials, tears and laughter and in the midst of it all has been our Lord Jesus Christ, directing, leading, guiding us and helping us in decisions and situations where we were unsure what to do and where to go, who a WONDERFUL COUNSELLOR He has been to us and everyone at Jabulani.

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