Dear Friends of Jabulani,

Greetings from an freezing cold and wintry Zimbabwe, the temperatures are now around 18c during the daylight hours and 13c at night so lots of blankets and heaters around just now! We thank God for His help for our children in their mid term exams, they all did very well and their teachers are pleased with their progress and behaviour. Thank you for your love and concern for our dear children it means the world to us and them.

We shared with you in our last letter about little Ruths situation, i.e. Some people have asked to adopt her and take her away from Jabulani, we of course do not want that to happen as we believe God gave Ruth to us for a purpose but we were of course open to Gods will for her life. So we have continued to pray and believe for Gods best for Ruth and these people have visited just once in the past 7 weeks for only 15 minutes, now we don’t know what that means but would ask you to please pray for Ruth and ourselves that God would lead and guide us and not let any of our hearts be broken through this whole episode and process.

Grace, has made the ‘A” team hockey and is really enjoying traveling to different schools and playing. She is very sociable and loves to be around people, her teacher is very pleased with her and says Grace is very helpful to the other girls in her class and that she just needs to sharpen up in her Maths.

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Dear Friends,

We are very grateful to God for each one of you who have prayed, send e mails, called or contacted us in so many ways, your love for us and our children has been a great encouragement and blessing, thank you in Jesus Name! We have been under a lot of attack and covet your prayers more and more, we have had attacks of a personal nature and also on Jabulani, we have been asked to jump through hoops of all shapes and description, forms to be filled in, staff x rays taken etc etc etc….its very tiring and time consuming BUT GOD has helped us and is helping us day by day praise God!

Our situation with ruth has not changed, the people who want to take her have visited her twice and seem to be very keen, they are Christian people and we are just praying that if God wants Ruth to stay then no one can take her BUT if God wants us to release her in to this couples care then we will go ahead with that, we of course are eager for Ruth to stay with us, we don’t want any of our kids to leave us, but God is sovereign and in control Amen please keep praying that Ruth can stay at Jabulani, that is our prayer, but Gods will be done.

All the small children are doing well, Faith had an interview at Primary School about starting next January but we have taken their advice to keep her at Jabulani Playschool for one more year and then all the small girls will go together, this will help us transport wise and in after school activities etc also. The big 5 continue to work hard, Grace has lots of homework and tests but is doing ok, Daniel and Joseph, Hope and Blessing are coping and on top of their work so we are very pleased with them.

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