Dear Friends of Jabulani,

Greetings from an autumnal Zimbabwe, the temperatures are dropping in the evenings and it getting a little cold! We have had a good month with all the children returning to school, they have mid term exams coming up so everyone is working hard. Thank you for your love and concern for our dear children.

We want to share with you about something which has happened just this past week at Jabulani, we got a call from Social Welfare telling us they had found a couple who want to adopt our little Ruth, now to say this is a shock is a huge understatement! As you know we rescued these children with the express purpose of giving them a life, a hope and a future with us in our Jabulani family so we are completely devastated right now. We have been speaking to various officials about the whole situation but they say nothing can be done to change this matter. So we ask you to pray with us ….

  1. We believe God can turn this situation around….if God wants Ruth to stay at Jabulani then no one can take her away
  2. If we fail to keep Ruth…or God wants these people to have her… please pray we would be like Abraham and be willing to let her go
  3. That the people will be godly and desire to raise Ruth in the ways of God
  4. That everyone at Jabulani would know Gods great peace throughout this process

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Dear Friends,
we pray you are well and enjoying JESUS! The time is flying by and we are on Easter break from school and the children are enjoying and playing and generally just relaxing, God has blessed us with good health and everyone is well Praise the Lord

Kuda and Joshua are both doing great and eating well, we have had some friends from Moira in Ireland visiting recently…Gary and Jayne Wilson and their family…and Jayne who is a physiotherapist was a real help with our special needs children as this is her field of work, we are very grateful for the help and blessing they were to us all. Jayne has recommended we purchase some special equipment for Kuda and Joshua which will help them and make life more comfortable, so we are trying to identify the best ones available in Northern Ireland as they are not available in Zimbabwe… Maybe you would like to help us with this needy project?…please email me and I can give you the info.

Grace has had a great first term in Grade 3 Red class, her work is steady and she is grasping the new concepts quite well, she is still reading lots and drawing and making up stories every day, she really is a clever wee girl.

Grace was very involved in athletics and cross country last term but was very upset when she didn’t make the team…she will be playing field hockey next term and is determined to make the team! Please pray Grace will continue to study hard and progress well in her work in the Winter term.

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