We are asking friends and supporters to help us in our quest to make Jabulani a home that is well run financially and in every way. We are looking for YOU to partner with us for just $1 a day….we need people to join us in this venture of raising our children at Jabulani and then all costs i.e. Food, bills, staff wages, car etc etc will be covered

Yes just $1 a day can change everything for the 13 children at Jabulani, this donation will be a huge help to our children, you will have played a part in the raising of the children, the feeding of the children etc etc and also the day to day running of the home with staff salaries and utility bills. Please consider giving $1 a day…you can change a life!


In the United States:
Zimbabwe Orphan Care is a 501c(3) non-profit organization.
Gifts are tax-deductible.

In the U.K.:
Zimbabwe Orphan Care is a recognized charity.
Gifts may be claimed on your tax filings.


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      HE SHALL BE CALLED WONDERFUL COUNSELLOR… MIGHTY GOD…EVERLASTING FATHER…PRINCE OF PEACE ISAIAH 9 V Names are really significant, names are who we are, its our identity, and this is why names are such...

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    • October 2016

      Dear Friends of Jabulani, Greetings from Zimbabwe, we have entered our wonderful summer season again and the birds are singing, with temps around 30c (90+) the children are running around the garden...

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